How to Claim Lotto America Prizes

This page shows you how to claim Lotto America prizes in each of the different states that participate in the lottery. Please note that you can only claim a prize in the state in which the ticket was bought.

What to Do With a Winning Ticket

First of all, you should sign the back of your winning ticket to prevent anyone else attempting to claim the prize if they found or stole your slip. The method of collecting prizes varies slightly from state to state but, in general, here’s how to receive your winnings based on the value of the award:

$599 and under

You should be able to claim a prize worth less than $600 at any retailer in your state. Some stores do not carry enough cash, so please check before you claim.

You can also mail your ticket with a prize claim form and relevant ID to your state lottery. Check with the lottery that they accept this method and confirm the correct address. You are advised to use express or certified mail to send lottery tickets, or any other method that will track the package.

$600 and over

State lotteries have district offices and claim centers at which you can claim larger prizes. Some states also accept mailed tickets for amounts larger than $600, but you should check the maximum prize value for this method with your lottery.

Jackpot Winners

If you have won the Lotto America jackpot, you should contact the headquarters of the lottery from which you bought the ticket and arrange to claim the prize in person.

Lotto America Claims Period

The period of time allowed for claims varies between state lotteries. This table tells you how long you have to pick up your prize:

State Claim Period
Delaware 1 year
Idaho 180 days
Iowa 1 year
Kansas 1 year
Maine 1 year
Minnesota 1 year
Montana 180 days
New Mexico 90 days
North Dakota 180 days
Oklahoma 180 days
South Dakota 180 days
Tennessee 180 days
West Virginia 180 days
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