Mega Millions Number Checker

Use this Mega Millions number checker to find out if you have won any prizes in draws over the last 180 days. Use “View Mode” to select how you would like to input your numbers; you can either type your five main numbers and one Mega Ball number into the boxes provided, or select them from a grid. Select “Add Line” if you want to check more than one set of numbers at a time. If you also play the Megaplier, or just want to see how it would affect your winnings, check the Megaplier option to ensure it’s reflected in the results.

Once you have selected your numbers, use the drop down list to choose the time period and draw days you want to check, then select ‘Check’.

You'll be presented with a table comprising every Mega Millions drawing from within your chosen period, how many numbers you matched in each individual draw, and the prizes for which those matches would be eligible. If you just want to see drawings where your numbers won a prize, select the 'Only Show Payout Winning Lines' option above the table.