Coronavirus Updates

The coronavirus outbreak in America means that a lot of states are imposing restrictions on how players can claim prizes in order to try and limit the way the virus spreads. This mainly involves closing lottery claim centers in most states, but some states go further by closing headquarters and restricting operations. You can find all the updates to each state lottery below for states that play Lotto America. If your state is not included then for now there are no restrictions on claiming prizes, although we advise you check back here regularly to see if anything has changed.

Effective from the drawing on Saturday June 13, the starting jackpot and minimum roll increase between draws will be eliminated and will instead be determined by game sales and interest rates. This follows similar steps taken by Powerball and Mega Millions who both decreased their starting jackpots based on lower ticket sales during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Will Lotto America drawings continue?

Lotto America draws will continue as normal for the foreseeable future. Drawings are held in Florida and will continue to do so until the situation in Florida worsens to a point where the running of state and multi-state lotteries is deemed non-essential. This has happened in other countries around the world, such as Spain and Italy where every national lottery was suspended, but as of yet there are no plans to do so in the USA and no other states have taken that step yet.

Will I still be able to buy tickets for Lotto America draws?

Ticket sales will continue for as long as the drawings continue, however some states may impose a restriction on ticket sales should the situation worsen. Changes are happening in each state very quickly and changing from day to day, but for now there are no plans to stop ticket sales.

Will I still be able to claim Lotto America payouts?

The biggest restrictions imposed on players will be the claiming of prizes due to many states closing lottery claim centers. Prizes up to $599 can be claimed from any authorised retailer in the state in which you bought your ticket, so the majority of prize claims will be unaffected.

If you wish to claim prizes over this amount then it is likely you will now need to claim your winnings via mail. Details of the states in which this is required are posted below. Many states have a claims period of 180 days or longer, so players could keep a hold of their ticket and claim the winnings at a later date once lottery claim centers are re-opened. New Mexico is the only state with a shorter claim period of 90 days.

The below states have made changes: