Lotto America Information

Whether you want to know how to play Lotto America, how to claim prizes or more about the history of the game, find the information by selecting from the links below. For the latest Lotto America numbers, select the link in the top menu. You can see the current jackpot below.

Lotto America Game Rules

Game Rules

Learn more about the rules of Lotto America so you can play the game safely and avoid missing out on prizes.

Rules Lotto America Game Rules
Lotto America Prizes


Read more about the nine different prizes you can win, including the jackpot and the eight All Star Bonus prizes.

Prizes Lotto America Payouts
Lotto America Tax Calculator

Tax Calculator

Find out how much you will win once federal and state taxes are deducted, for both the cash and annuity options.

Tax Calculator Lotto America Tax Calculator
Lotto America Participating States Lotto America

Participating States

Lotto America is currently available in 13 states, all of which played its predecessor, Hot Lotto. See if your state plays here.

Participating States
How to Claim Lotto America Winnings

How to Claim Winnings

Find out how to claim a Lotto America prize and how quickly you need to come forward to pick up your winnings in each state.

Claim How to Claim Lotto America Winnings
Lotto America FAQs


The answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Lotto America can be found here, including whether you can stay anonymous if you win.

FAQs Lotto America FAQs
Watch Lotto America drawings

Watch the Lotto America

Discover how to follow the latest drawings, which are held every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 11pm ET.

Watch Watch Lotto America drawings
Lotto America All Star Bonus

All Star Bonus

Discover more about opting into the All Star Bonus and how it can increase the value of your non-jackpot prizes.

All Star Bonus Lotto America  All Star Bonus
Lotto America Scams


Lottery scams are becoming more common and harder to tell apart from the real thing. Find out how to protect yourself against scammers.

Scams Lotto America Scams
Lotto America Winners


Lotto America has paid out some huge jackpots since 2017. Take a look at some of the biggest Lotto America winners in history.

Winners Lotto America Winners
Lotto America Staying Anonymous


Discover how the anonymity rules differ in each of the Lotto America participating states and the advantages of remaining anonymous.

Staying Anonymous Lotto America Staying Anonymous
Lotto America History


The history of Lotto America dates back to 1987. Read all about the story of the lottery and how it came to be revived.

History Lotto America History


Read about the Multi-State Lottery Association, how it is linked to Lotto America and the role it plays in the lottery’s operation.