Participating States

Lotto America is currently available in 13 states in the U.S. While the game format remains the same in all participating states, there are some other differences, including how much tax you pay and where the revenue from lottery tickets goes. Select a state on the map below to view more information.

Lotto America was revived in October 2017 by the 13 states above, who all looked for a game to replace the outgoing Hot Lotto. New Hampshire was the 14th state that participated in Hot Lotto, but its entry into Lotto America was delayed while it launched another new game called Keno.

The state originally planned to offer Lotto America from February 2018, but in a NH Lottery Commission meeting in December, it was determined that the launch of Lotto America would be postponed indefinitely.

State Lottery Rules

Each state lottery has its own rules about the period of time in which claims must be made, the taxes levied on prizes and the age you must be to play Lotto America. See the Rules page for more information.